… Provokes as a Sonic Alchemist of Shadows & Darkness.

In the heart of Berlin’s underground scene, DARK DEZIRE, conjures euphoria through his entrancing beats. Born from the shadows, his identity veiled, he transforms abandoned warehouses, bunkers, and cellars into sonic sanctuaries.

DARK DEZIRE ’s sets are immersive journeys, guiding audiences through a labyrinth of haunting melodies and brutal Basslines – which do not ask for forgiveness. 

His artistry extends beyond music, creating a spiritual connection in forgotten urban spaces. The desolate venues become canvases for his spellbinding performances.

In the clandestine world of DARK DEZIRE, nights are painted with shadows, illuminated by the glow of euphoria. As he navigates uncharted sonic territories, his enigmatic allure beckons those seeking to lose themselves in the rhapsody of DARKness.

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