Jude Koashy – Schtu

Schtu was born in England at the start of the 90s and has been into electronic music since he was a teenager. It wasn’t until 2010 though, that he bought a pair of turntables and started collecting Drum & Bass records and DJing himself. Due to his dedication and passion for the music, he quickly gained residencies at several UK Bass parties.

In 2012, while on holiday in Berlin, he fell in love with House & Techno, and moved to Berlin a year later to further develop his own style. Since then he’s had countless gigs around Berlin, both in clubs (e.g. Ritter Butzke, Jonny Knüppel, Griessmühle) & at festivals (e.g. Wilde Möhre, Mit Dir, Im Wilden Osten).

His style is varied, and he often drifts seamlessly between House, Disco, Techno and Downtempo. In 2014 he started producing his own music, and has since released on labels such as Ein2, Möhre Rekorder, Weltn Audio, Bullfinch and Wildfang.

In 2018 he launched Casomat, originally a music blog and podcast series, but which as of 2021 will be releasing its first record as an independent label. Now Schtu splits his time equally between producing, DJing and Casomat, and has more love than ever for the music.

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