Schtu Live Set @ Grabowsee by StageLight Berlin

It was a pleasure to shoot this live set and fire performance at the abandoned lung disease treatment center from the 1920s at Grabowsee. This place is a truly inspiring location which fosters creativity (for more info click here). After the very long lockdown it was spectacular for everybody to be able to perform outside. Especially with these amazing artists and friends ❤️ Thank you so much to all people who made this possible!

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Fire provided by Kaos Flow and Flow of Fire

Drone by Cinehawks

Music by Schtu

Tracks (all of them unreleased)
Time Codes
00:11 – Intro
02:04 – Track 1: Schtu – Untitled
09:13 – Track 2: Schtu – Tonight
16:37 – Track 3: Schtu – You Make Me Feel Like
24:49 – Track 4: Schtu – Siberian Express
31:26 – Track 5: Schtu – Untitled

Also a big THANK YOU to Kids Globe e.V. and Visual Sinfonia

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